Donating to the Astor Theatre

Ticket sales and government support only cover a portion of what it takes to provide the First Class Entertainment presented by the Astor Theatre. In addition to our capital campaigns for special equipment (digital projector, a new grand piano, air conditioning, etc), we require funds for rental of our space, maintenance of existing equipment, and to subsidize programs for youth, seniors, and those with disabilities. To allow us to continue to serve your entertainment needs to the best of our ability, please consider making a donation to the Astor Theatre Society.

The Astor Theatre Society is a charitable organization for which you will receive a tax deduction for your contribution. There are three ways to make a donation: By cheque, through the CanadaHelps service, and via stock option donations. At present, we have two campaigns; our GENERAL campaign which supports the theatre in all its many aspects and ourKEYS TO THE FUTURE campaign which will allow us to purchase a Yamaha Grand Piano.

Supporter - up to $74
Patron - $75 to $149
Benefactor - $150 to $249
Prima Donor - $250 and beyond
Buy a Key - $200.
All "Buy a Key" supporters will have thier name displayed on our wall in recognition of thier donation.

Piano - $250 - $499
Mezzo Piano - $500 - $999
Mezzo Forte - $1000 - $2499
Forte - $2500 - $4999
Fortissimo - $5000+
Donors in these categories will be displayed in the lobby, our programs for most live events and on our website.
By Cheque

Please make cheques payable to The Astor Theatre Society and indicate in the notation line whether your donation is to the GENERAL campaign or to the KEYS TO THE FUTURE campaign. Send your cheque to:

The Manager,
The Astor Theatre
P.O. Box 1148
59 Gorham Street
Liverpool, NS
B0T 1K0
By CanadaHelps

CanadaHelps offers a one-stop shop for donating to any Canadian charity on-line. One can make either a single donation or set up budget-friendly monthly donations. At the end of the year, you receive one tax receipt for ALL of your charitable donations. To make a donation to the Astor Theatre Society via CanadaHelps click either or both of the following.

Make a donation to our GENERAL campaign

Make a donation to our KEYS TO THE FUTURE campaign

Capital Stock or Stock Options

For donating Capital Stock or Stock Options please contact the chairperson of our Fundraising committee at to discuss the various opportunities.


The Astor Theatre would like to recognize the generosity of the following people/organizations who have made financial donations to our fundraising campaigns:

Keys to the Future (Piano Keys):

  • RK MacKinnon
  • Ulf, Bjørn, Martin, Stein and Harald Snarby
  • Frank and Georgie Bell and family
  • In memory of Doris Rogers
  • Andreas Snarby
  • Lyn and Sherman Oakley
  • Gail Tutty
  • The Peterson Family (Robert, Elizabeth, Sarah)
  • Greg Tutty

Tiered Piano Donations:
Piano - $250 - $499:

Mezzo Piano - $500 - $999:
  • Lynda Earle & Andy Blackadar

Mezzo Forte - $1000 - $2499:
  • Rosemary and Keith Hamilton

Forte - $2500 - $4999:

Fortissimo - $5000+:
  • Queens County Music Festival
General Donations: